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Budget friendly public relations and marketing specially crafted for small studios, solo developers and indie publishers with fair prices that you deserve.
Full-package marketing including PR, influencers outreach, marketing and more.

Tight budget? We got you!

We have the best prices among our competitors, while still offering quality. Don't believe us? Check our case study!

PR & Media Relations

We will do a full PR & marketing plan for your game to reach more media and news coverage.

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Inhouse Promotions

We will manage an ad-campaign for you and also promote your game at no additonal costs - because your game deserves it!

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Influencers & Youtubers Outreach

We will connect with a big list of influencers to cover your game on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Gaming.

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Social Media Outreach

We will promote your game on gaming groups and instagram pages to get more coverage.

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Your Game Deserves It.
Get Seen By Thousands

Your Game Deserves It.

We understand how hard you worked on your indie game. That's why we at Indielush believe that every game deserve a fair promotion with a friendly budget, even solo developers. We understand how hard it can be to get your game out there and we are here to help in getting more coverage for your game!

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Success Rate

What Is Our Success Rate?

As you may know, as we market your game we cannot guarantee that our contacts will play your game - however we have a good success rate that some of them will do! A rough estimate of success with past games we promoted.

Media Outreach Success


Influencers Outreach Success


Social Media Outreach Success


Inhouse Promotions Success

Move 78

Move 78 is a project that we had the honor to work on, and we hatched a plan to deliver a campaign involving high-impact news, reviews and video coverage from the some of the games press and content creators. We identified key contacts across the games press and influencer channels, sending emails, keys and more to our contacts that we had within the first few weeks.

Coverage appeared on multiple news sites such as GameDev, Giantbomb and Steamgamer. One of our major goal however was when we started our Influencer outreach where the game has been played by multiple of youtubers and twitch streamers with over thousands of views, at one point the game was stremed by one influencers with over 250K and have about 13K - 15K live audience. an. The game made pretty well on social media where it was shared on multiple big pages (200K - 500K) with over for months, getting new players on youtube and even TikTok gaining around a roughly of 450K views with videos combined in the first month alone for one month promo, and still growing.

The Backrooms 1998

After doing a small promotion already with their other game Trenches, Steelkrill Studio trusted us again with their next project called The Backrooms 1998 where we had almost double the success. We again went to work, providing keys, and doing our PR marketing strategy and sending email to our contacts about the new game. After only the first month of release, the game have been covered by huge news sites such as DreadXP and BloodyDisturbing. It then was covered by more bigger youtubers with over MILLIONS in subscribers and MILLIONS of views. The game have been shared daily on social media, talked about and even ranking up as Top Sellers for a few days on Steam.

The game made about 25+ Millions in views, but the reality is hard to keep track of as new videos are comign out everyday. We had the most successful campaign yet, and all that within the developer's budget.

Don't take our word for it

Clientโ€™s Say

If you are looking for any marketing agency for your new game, then you just found it. Luca (Indielush) provided a very professional service and all within my budget's reach after searching endless of marketing agencies - I could say this was the best choice I ever made when it comes to game development. Everybody needs PR at some point, and this is your best bet without burning your wallet. Thank you!

Ryan P.SteelKrill Studio

The best affordable marketing package ever. Promoted my little indie game and got covered by multiple news sites and also played by some youtubers, nothing big but for the budget I think it's worth it! All other marketing agencies asked us six times the price for the same promotions. Very happy with the results.

James C.JOCO Games

It was great working with you, I'm glad that I got your services on my game Move 78. I will surly be in touch once I finish my next game.

Michael JosephsMichael Josephs

Why Us?

We have been working in marketing for over 5+ years and we thrive to bring your game to life with our skills. We keep our budget low and quality high as we feel all solo developers should be able to afford decent marketing. We understand how difficult it is for a new game developer to promote their game, however as you may know it can be costly. We won't tell you to contact us to charge you the rate of 5K - 10K for a promotion, instead all our prices are REALLY affordable for all developers with

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Our Price Are Fixed

We won't tell you to contact us to give you a "special price" of 5K - 10K for a marketing plan, instead our prices are open for all to see and fixed for each plan.

Solo Developer Friendly

Unlike others, we are really a solo developer friendly as each of our marketing plans and prices are adjusted to be affordable and still maintain the best quality we can give you.

Full-Month Report

After each promotions you will also get a report of all coverage that you got from our marketing plan.

We Have Contacts!

We have direct communication with let's players, news outlets, influancers and much more that we worked with in the past - that we will also work with on your game.

Contact us today and let's start talking about your game

Have Any Questions?

Do you have any questions or wish to start? If our packages are SOLD OUT that is because we take a few orders each month only to make sure we give the best results possible for each and every one of your games with care. You can contact us and we can let you know when we can start working on yours! Send us an email or use the contact form to reach us.

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